Code Check Building 4th Edition

The latest book in the Code Check series is based on the first 10 chapters of the 2015 International Residential Code. It contains the latest code updates, and we have expanded the tables to make the book more useable in the field. There are significant changes to the rules for smoke alarms, fire protection, framing, and wall coverings, as well as changes to the span tables and fastener schedules. The 61 illustrations and 31 tables in the book make complex code sections much easier to understand, and changes from the previous code edition are highlighted throughout. This book is endorsed by the International Code Council.

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Code Check Building 4th Ed. Sample Pages





Code Check Building 4th Edition is based on Chapters 1 through 10 of the 2015 International Residential Code.


Code Check Building 4th Edition Errata:

Page 11, left column, under "Retaining Walls" the second bullet is truncated. It should say "Design against overturning, sliding, excessive pressure, & water uplift 404.4"

Page 13, FIG. 19, the leader from the word "Dampproofing" should intersect the wall at the soil line, not on the top course of CMU

Page 14, figure 20, Reads "Bolts spaced min. 6 ft. o.c." should be: "Bolt spacing max. 6 ft. o.c."

Page 21, FIG 37 Ceiling Joist Taper Cut: The drawing is incorrect. Click the corrected illustration below, download and paste over the incorrect figure:

Ceiling Joist Taper Cut Illustration

Page 28 - FIG. 55: Roof Edge Flashing: Rake edge flashing goes over the paper, not under. (click illustration to download correct figure. Then right-click image and "save as" or download. Print and paste over current figure)

Figure 55