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Code Check Complete contains all of the text of four other books in the Code Check series: Code Check Building 2nd edition, Code Check Plumbing 3rd edition, Code Check HVAC 3rd edition, and Code Check Electrical 4th edition. It is spiral bound inside hard covers, and stands up on a bookshelf. It has a total of 240 pages, including 94 tables and 300 helpful illustrations. It is the perfect desktop companion to the books in the flip-chart series of field guides. It also contains the only available version of Code Check HVAC 3rd edition, based on the 2006 codes. With a list price of $40, the book is an outstanding value – the separate books inside it have a combined list price of $71.80. The book can be purchased from the publisher, The Taunton Press, for the special price of $40.00!.

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Code Check Building 3rd Ed. Sample Pages



Code Check Complete 1st Edition Errata:

Page 68Fig. 4 “5in min. separation…”; should say “5ft min. separation…”

Page 83Table 11 Says "One 14 inch vent"; should say “One 1 1/4 inch vent”

Page 104, Fig. 62 says “1sq. in./4k Btu…”; should say “1sq. in./2k Btu…”

Page 112, Fig. 80 says “Not less than 1/2 in. per ft.”; should say “Not less than 1/4 in. per ft.”

Page 126, Second says “KEY TO CODE CHECK PLUMBING…”; should say “KEY TO CODE CHECK HVAC…”

Page 162, Fig. 45 is in error – the sediment trap should be after the shutoff valve and connector, not before.

Page 163, Illustration of FVIR Water Heater has an error – the sediment trap should be at the left of the water heater valve, downstream of the connector click here for image

Page 189, Right column, 4th checkbox, says "min 2in diameter..."; should say “min 1/2in diameter…”

Page 201, Left column, third checkbox, add “in” (inch) after “1/4 ".



Page 207, Left column, last item, says “Accessible receps req’d front and rear max 62ft…”; should read "6 1/2ft"

Page 214, Left column, first bullet, change “14” to "1 1/4”
Right column, first bullet, second line, change “24” to “2 1/2”
Under AC – Armored Cable (BX) second bullet, change “42” to “4 1/2”

Page 219, Left column, 2nd bullet, change “42ft” to “4 1/2ft”
3rd dot under that bullet, change “2 to 14in” to “1/2 to 1 1/4in”
4th dot under that bullet, change “12 to 2in” to “1 1/2 to 2in

Page 222, 6th checkbox in left column says “No wallboard gaps >8in…”; should say “No wallboard gaps >1/8in…”

Page 224, Second and third checkbox items in left column each say “8hp”; should say “1/8hp”

Page 228, Third subheading says "Equipment Grounded Conductors"; should be "Equipment Grounding Conductors"

Page 235, Fig. 89 Black wire shown connecting to the left side of the receptacle, should connect to the right side click here for image