Redwood Kardon

Douglas Hansen In 1995, Redwood was a combination inspector for the city of Oakland, California. He had created a clipboard "flip chart" of the most important building codes that he referenced while working on the job. With his friend Paddy Morrissey's illustrations, "Woody's Fast Facts" became the best-selling Code Check series of building inspection guide books. Since then, he has also been a technical advisor for numerous publications.

As an electrical safety (NFPA 70E) seminar leader, for the past six years, Redwood has been under contract with Praxis Corporation, speciallizing in electrical safety training for the wind turbine industry.

Redwood is a retired electrician, certified combination building inspector, electrical inspector, technical advisor, author and instructor with over 30 years of experience in construction. He was a building inspector for the City of Oakland for 12 years, an installation manager for Harmony Foods for 5, and has worked in all aspects of the electrical trade from bathroom remodels to chemical plants. For the past 15 years he has conducted highly acclaimed training seminars all across the country for building inspectors, electricians, contractors, architects and engineers.

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