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Significant Changes to the 2016 California Residential Codes:
This all day class will cover the significant changes to the 2016 California Residential Building, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Energy and Green Building codes. There are many changes coming as of Jan.1, 2017. This course focus on the differences and is prefect for jurisdictional inspectors, contractors, architects and home inspectors looking for a comprehensive discussion on the coming code cycle impact. This class is approved for .7 ICC Preferred Provider CEU's, Pending Approval for 7 Hours with ASHI and CREIA

Nov 5th: Registration 8 AM, 8:30-5 pm
Unitarian Church:
505 East Charleston Road, Palo Alto – with Skip Walker.
Registration Contact:

Nov 16th: Registration 8 AM, 8:30-4:30 pm
1740 S. Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, CA with Dennis Bogle, CBO Laguna Beach and Skip Walker.
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Photoelectric versus Ionization Smoke Alarms: Deadly Differences:
This presentation will address the well-documented performance issues of the most common smoke alarm technology under residential fire conditions. This issue results in over 1,000 unnecessary U.S. residential fire deaths per year. We will look take an in-depth look at the actual impact smoke alarms have had on the U.S. fire death rate and at what other factors may have influenced the fire death rate over the same period. We will examine testing conducted by Texas A&M University that contrasts the performance of the most popular alarm sensor technologies. The Texas A&M tests were conducted under controlled conditions that replicate standard UL alarm testing. The presentation uses data from a number of NFPA, NIST, CPSC, UL, university and international/governmental reports.

This class is approved for .2 ICC Preferred Provider CEU's, and for 2 CEC's for ASHI, CREIA and for licensing CE's with several State Home Inspector Boards.


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