Code Check Illustrations - By Popular Demand!


For years, home inspectors have been asking us, "How can we get the illustrations from Code Check?
They would be so useful to include in our reports."
Well, here they are! This download contains all of the updated Illustrations of the current residential Code Check book series through 2012, currently included in Code Check Complete 2nd edition. PLUS! All of the illustrations from the recently released Code Check Building 4th Edition and Code Check Electrical 7th Edition.

Done in the unique style of our original illustrator, Paddy Morrissey, you'll find 327 illustrations perfect to add to your home inspection reports, especially to demonstrate proper installation methods. Even if you have a copy of our original illustrations CD from 2004, you'll want to get this version, as every drawing has been redrawn and updated to the current codes.

Each illustration includes its title with all the relevant callouts. You'll also find a complete list of drawings, as well as a "Read Me First" pdf, to explain how easy it is to insert these drawings into your report.

Special price - $139.00