Code Check:
Your Key to the Codes

The Code Check Series are condensed guides to the most commonly cited code violations encountered by building inspectors, contractors, do-it-yourselfers and homeowners. New editions of codes typically are issued every three years. Each edition of Code Check is based on specific sets of codes, and most books include summaries of code changes to link them to the prior edition of codes as well.

Since 1995, with over one million copies sold, Code Check has been the leader in deciphering the voluminous, complex and sometimes tedious world of codes, or as we say, "Code Check - Your key to the codes."



Code Check Building 4th Edition

Hot off the press, we are proud to announce the most current edition of our Building series, Code Check Building 4th Edition.

We highlighted the latest code updates and expanded the tables to make the book more useful in the field. There were significant changes in the rules for smoke alarms, fire protection, framing, and wall coverings, as well as changes to the span tables and fastener schedules. It's our most comprehensive and complete building book, a must for inspectors or anyone who needs these rules at their fingertips. Code Check Building 4th Edition.


Our Newest Author!

Skip Walker Joins the CC Team

We are delighted to announce our newest team member, Skip Walker, ACI. He is a CREIA Master Inspector, ICC Certified Combination Residential Building Inspector and a FIRE Certified Fireplace Inspector. He is an expert on smoke alarm performance and CO poisoning issues and has written extensively and presented worldwide for numerous prestigious associations.
Skip is currently busy writing the Plumbing and Mechanical sections of our upcoming Code Check Combo 8th Edition as well as providing editing for the entire book.
Fun fact:
He is also internationally known for his multi-lingual duck calls. Welcome aboard Skip!

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The Newest Edition!

Code Check Electrical 7th Ed.

The latest edition of Code Check Electrical is fully updated to the 2014 and 2011 NEC, as well as the 2012 International Residential Code. There are several new topics, and the section on panels has been expanded and now includes tables and illustrations on wire bending space. Other tables have been added, along with several new illustrations. This book is crammed with information that makes it an essential tool for electricians, inspectors, designers, and homeowners.
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Need that illustration for your report?

Code Check Illustrations

All of the drawings PLUS Code Check Electrical 7th illustrations too!

You asked for it, So we included all of the updated illustrations of the current residential Code Check book series through 2012 included in Code Check Complete 2nd editon. Plus, all of the drawings from the just released Code Check Electrical 7th Edition!
325 drawings, perfect for inclusion in your home inspection reports.
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Electrical Inspection of
Existing Dwellings

This book is a systematic guide to electrical inspections and includes a tour through the historical development of over 100 critical NEC code sections. The book is included in the seminar price. Click on the seminars tab at the left for further information.


Available as an eBook or a Printed Book

The best book on electrical inspections for home inspectors has been completely re-written for the first time in over 10 years. Over twice the size of the original, it has been updated to include the 2011 NEC, and is packed with information to help inspectors through all aspects of an electrical inspection. It can be used as a training manual, reference book, or guide to location of NEC sections. It includes extensive historical information on when different items entered the code and how it has changed over the years. Hundreds of illustrations and photographs help explain each concept in visual terms.
Available as a printed book or as an eBook!

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Code Check 7th Edition!

The newest edition of our best-selling combo book is waiting for you. For more info and how to buy...Click here!!


Code Check eBooks

Available for either MACs or PCs, the Code Check ebooks contain all the material in CodeCheck Complete 2nd edition, and more. Navigational buttons quickly access a particular page or topic. Referenced figures and tables are also accessible from any Code check text line. Click here!





Code Check Seminar Class

Code Check is an ICC Preferred Provider of continuing education. ICC certified inspectors must obtain a minimum of 50% of their renewal credits from preferred providers. Check out the latest offerings here.

Code Check seminars are engaging and breathe life into the worlds of codes and construction practices. They aren't your usual dull "torture by powerpoint" – our instructors have real world experience and a passion for teaching. Please contact for a quote. Seminars are available on each of our books, as well as the topics listed here. Seminars that are not based on a particular book include powerpoint handouts.

Complete list of class offerings.

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Ben Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was chosen as the main character in our Code Check illustrations for a number of reasons. The "First American's" insatiable curiosity, scientific genius, and civic-mindedness drove him to study fire safety, safe exiting, public sanitation, improved heating methods, and of course, electricity. Franklin made major contributions to each of the four main disciplines of building inspection: Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical.



Code Check Building 4th Edition

The latest book in the Code Check series is based on the first 10 chapters of the 2015 International Residential Code. It contains the latest code updates, and we have expanded the tables to make the book more useable in the field. There are significant changes to the rules for smoke alarms, fire protection, framing, and wall coverings, as well as changes to the span tables and fastener schedules. The 61 illustrations and 31 tables in the book make complex code sections much easier to understand, and changes from the previous code edition are highlighted throughout.. The book is endorsed by the International Code Council.